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Mothers’ Day – Do You Do It?

In non law, Parenting, women on May 7, 2011 at 5:24 pm

"If I'm not Queen for the day there'll be hell to pay!"

Is your family resolutely not celebrating Mothers’ Day, in an ideological statement against retail enforced false happiness? Or do you do The Works, with visits, presents and flowers to all generations of women in your line? We would love to know! Fill in the poll, or just leave a comment.

At the conclusion of Mothers day the results were tallied: just about even for all answers bar one: No-One said ‘Don’t do it’ thus proving the pervasive power of cheesy marketing; whilst not many owned up to being Queen for the Day, almost everyone does something, even if its just a call.

Thanks all who participated, and commented!

  1. Always wavering between ignoring the enforced jolliness, and resenting my big children’s poor effors (not like the humorous cute squashy things I used to get from kinder). My own mother says “I don’t celebrate it” but does like a phone call.

    • Lovely surprises this morning…I still have the mother day stall items appearing…Like yours my mother does not celebrate but the phone call will be made..

  2. Our family (at least from my mum’s generation has never celebrated Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Must’ve been my Mum’s call coz it has just never been an issue.

  3. Hawaii sounds good for Mothers Day!

  4. We never did it growing up, and I have not been in the habit of even calling my mother. But my own kids started at creche and have kept it up, and I have lapped it up from them. More recently, my mother dropped the odd hint that she is not so against it as all that. This year, I invited her to lunch. Meanwhile, with my eldest overseas, my lot went off the boil and did nothing. So it turned out to be the first year when I did Mother’s Day as the daughter rather than the Mum.

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