"Girlfriends of the Court"

About Us

Welcome to Amicae Curiae, we chose the title because we want to discuss the role of women in the law, in legal education, as students, as academics, and within the legal profession. We have captured some of our thoughts on these issues in an article reproduced here.

What does Amicae Curiae mean? Literally it means girl friends of the courts. For more read this

Who are we? We are law lecturers working at leading Australian universities who have a lot to say, and some of it doesn’t fit in a blind refereed scholarly journal or a lecture theatre. We want to hear from you. You can contact us via the comments pages, or by email us directly at melissa.castanATMonash.edu, or on Twitter @amicae1. Specific post authors are listed for each post.

The Legal Bits: We are maintaining this blog to enable frank open discussion about a variety of issues. We want you to comment on blog posts but retain the right to remove or modify offensive or inappropriate comments . We are quite fussy and reserve the right to correct minor grammatical errors in our blog posts without notice, however correction of significant errors will be noted on the relevant page or post.  The opinions expressed by the authors and commenters on this site are their own personal views and not that of their employers.

You really cannot rely on anything here as legal advice. We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability or validity of any of the information or links supplied by authors or commenters and will not be responsible for any losses, injuries, damages libel or litigation arising from use of information in blog posts or comments.

The images we use are almost all from Wiki Commons, and we try to attribute the copyright owner where possible. Where we use images from other sources we attribute back to the source. If we have used your image in error, please let us know.

You are free to reproduce any posts from this blog (unless noted otherwise), but please attribute fairly and link back to us.  We would like to know how you are using our material, so do drop us a line or include the link in the comments section below. And keep in touch!

You can use the subscribe link below: we don’t share your info, and we don’t swamp you with emails, you just get an occasional email when we post something on this blog.

Amicae Curiae

Amicae Curiae

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