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What's new doll? *

What’s new doll? *

Welcome to Amicae Curiae, a blog for ‘Girlfriends of the Court’. The blog was intended to discuss the role of women in the law, in legal education, as students, as academics, and within the legal profession, and  we also discuss other issues. There are many posts on a variety of topics relating to legal life throughout this blog, but here is a quick guide to our most popular ones. Read on…

If you are looking for our posts on women in the legal profession, and in law school, you might start with The Plight of Law’s Supergirl,  and Early Optimism,  a study of 1st year law student’s expectations both by Jeannie Paterson and Melissa Castan.

This is complimented by 3 top tips from our girlfriends of the court, for those starting out in law.

Kate Galloway has a series of posts on the gendered culture of professional uniform and language with

And Jeannie Paterson wrote on similar issues  of clothing and control in

Melissa Castan and Kate Galloway considered  the 2012 VEOHRC  report into research on women in the law,

An earlier complimentary piece is Mind the Gap (about the gender pay gap).

Melissa has a series on social media and the law, with

And Kate and Melissa wrote a Blawg Review while channelling Joan of Arc (as a modern female legal blogger) in

Last but not least, one of our most commented on posts is by James Farrell, with New Kids On The Block, reflecting on life as a new law academic.

Thee are many other posts throughout this blog, we hope this helps you find something useful in your journey within the law! Newer posts by Melissa Castan are at Melissa Castan’s blog, and by Kate Galloway at Kat Gallow, and Curl.

*picture from http://expolounge.blogspot.com.au/2011/03/mad-men-barbie-dolls.html

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