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30 sites in 30 slides (or why you should love your librarian)

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Things have changed in your law library

We are all busy, and sometimes its hard to catch up with what is new and useful.  But some things are really worth taking a few minutes to check out. We asked Kay Tucker, the wonderful law librarian at the Monash Law Library, if we could post a link to her terrific presentation, “30 sites in 30 minutes”. Read on…The presentation is a curated selection of 30 useful free websites on the themes of law, teaching, social media, tools, and data sets, with a few fun ones thrown in (including your Girlfriends of the Court too!). It was presented by Kay Tucker and Dennis Warren (La Trobe Uni) at the 2011 Australian Law Librarians’ Conference, held in Canberra, September 28-30. You do not have the benefit of their verbal presentation, but we think the slides are so good, you get the gist of it anyway!

The presentation is a ‘Prezi’ available by clicking here: http://prezi.com/ysmsspjj42xb/30-sites-in-30-minutes/

(if you haven’t used prezi before, just click on the triangle to start it…you can click in the interior of any slide to focus on the details)

Have you got other sites you would like to share? Which are your favorites from the 30 selected? Leave your comments here.

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