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Law Week, so many events, so little time!

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We're all going to Law Week!

If you are down by law, in-law, outlaw, legally blond, legal tender, below the bar, above the law or presumed innocent, you may be interested in some of the events coming up in Law Week (16-22 May) the official site is here.

All jurisdictions have law tours, open courts, seminars and a mix of serious and fun events, and most have a PILCH/Pro Bono Walk for Justice on the 16th May (see your local Public Interest Law Clearing House for details)

Survive Law blog has kindly set out their national round up for you (click here).

You can select your forum conveniens by clicking the link below.

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Victoria – Victorian Law Foundation’s Calendar here

Looking forward to Sisters In Crime here, and Legal Dress Ups here and Monash Uni’s Great Law Week debate on the 18th May: “Social media is free speech gone mad” here.

New South Wales – Index here

Our picks are the “Coming to the Bar” talk here, the “Moral Depravity” talk here and “Three Little Pigs in Woolongonghere.

ACT events are listed in a pdf ACTLawWeekProgram2011.

We would love to hear Leslie Cannold speak at a lunch for the Women and Justice Forum or go to the ACT Women Lawyers Dinner, each on the 18th May. The Mixed Six a Side Soccer looks good too.

Queensland – The calendar is here

And we would go to Cairns just to see the JCU Mock Trial here or go to the Brisbane Criminal History Walk here.

South Australia –  Events are all here

Top picks are “Is Goldilocks Guilty?” here and Eddie Cubillo, NT Anti-Discrimination Commissioner: “The nine most terrifying words in the English Language are: I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.” here.

Northern Territory – Calendar here

Looking forward to the traditional Tug-of-Law,  the Young Lawyers Great Debate and the “President’s XI vs Chief Justice’s XI Cricket Match all here.

Western Australia – all events listed here

Not all lawyers are blood suckers, some are giving back to the community in the Blood Donation Challenge. The Law Week Hypothetical: The Fast and the Furious looks good too. See here.

The Tasmanian Law Society site is not showing their law week activities, but if you have a list, or know who has, please let us know.

Do you attend or participate in Law week? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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