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Law is funny, innit?

In Journals, Procrastination, women on May 27, 2011 at 6:13 pm

The law is serious business. Mostly. But when a kind soul (known to me only as @ReplevinforaCow) pointed me to the case below, I had a chuckle, and I thought you should chuckle with me:

The entire unabridged report of Denny v Radar Industries 1970 per J.H. GILLIS, Judge:

The appellant has attempted to distinguish the factual situation in this case from that in Renfroe v Higgins (citation omitted). He didn’t. We couldn’t. Affirmed. Costs to appellee.

Have you found a shorter, blunter judgment? If you are a journal nerd (like me) you may enjoy the World’s Greatest Law Review Article found here. Or the World’s Shortest Law Review Article here [shortest_law_review]. Keep reading by clicking the little red button below…

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There are quite a few legal humor sites, such as Bitter Lawyer, Lowering the Bar and Lawhaha (assume a language advisory warning applies to most). But for sustained humorous effort the prize must go to the Legal Blog Watch which draws its Three Burning Legal Issues of the day from the mostly unfunny side of law every day, and spins it into gold (well, at least bronze).

And for something completely different, here is my favorite clip for when I am feeling cross at the govmint. Which is a lot.

Do you have a favorite source of silliness?

  1. Love those journal articles. And that case! What a crack up.

  2. “We though that we would never see
    A suit to compensate a tree”
    The whole judgment is a short poem.
    Fisher v. Lowe (Mich. Ct. App. 1983)
    (the headnote is in verse too)

    • That is how more judgments should be written. For those who have not seen it, look here:
      But with the greatest of respect I do think the court cheated a just little by abusing the footnotes to explain their reasoning.

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