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Eva Cox is reviving WETTANK, women’s equity think tank, to put equitable social policy on political agendas, and she needs policy wonks, ideas. Contact her at Eva.CoxATuts.edu.au

Female Judges From Around the Globe Convene in D.C. To discuss Womens’ Rights http://t.co/AbtTnwI

Startling! The @FeministLawPrfs posted this: Word Clouds: Gender & the Vocabulary of Ads for Toys. tinyurl.com/4v8lru3 (reminds Amicae to use Wordle more often too).

Justice Mary Gaudron was a whistleblower: – new info on Senator Heffernan’s false charges against Justice Kirby (via SMH).

Via @lawyerist: An Alternative Career Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Call Yourself A Lawyer http://t.co/c401CS9

there’s more…on procrastination, Royal Weddings, and Parents…

For procrastinators: See @samspurlin on “What happens when the Perfectionist and Procrastinator inside you start to work together?” bit.ly/iggEHS

And by @RosabethKanter: Forget perfection. Just do it. Four reasons why any action is better than none http://t.co/2ZsyYWu

Finally on the lighter side: Why Parents Shouldn’t Text » Counseling http://t.co/QQtcN4A

And the Guardian pledged its ‘full throated’ support for the Royal Nuptials (on April Fools Day) here.

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