"Girlfriends of the Court"

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Some highlights (or lowlights?) from Twitter last week:

Results of new study show the (US) legal profession is falling short in efforts to increase diversity http://t.co/FJz4sDd Via @LegalTube.

In the UK “City firms are unwilling…to allow women to stay at work & progress…once they start a family” http://t.co/zC41c8I via @Legal_Week

And in Australia The New Lawyer reported: 60 hour working weeks the norm for most lawyers. http://t.co/h9rqRBY via @neil_watt

While @LexMonitor passed this on: Women Lawyers Have (up to 20%) Lower Billing Rates than Men; why? http://t.co/teSaiF2 from @LarryBodine

And once again, a useful post from @survivelaw: on where to look for a new legal job; “Job Hunt Resources” http://t.co/SpxLt4Y

What is it like for other professions? @WomenAtWorkOz: It costs more to lose women in science than keep them http://t.co/Ji9lnDW

And from @SheEO, food for thought -and facts- about gender balance, and the working conditions that drive women out of Engineering http://bit.ly/fOOiFL (In US women constitute 20% of engineering graduates but only 11% of the engineering workforce).

Soul Sisters Removals are doing something different: http://t.co/5c9jaeF via @mfarnsworth:

But does it always have to come back to the mundane?  @news_com_au reported: Career women happy to do housework: DESPITE working up to 70 hours per week, “progressive” Australian women would rather do the housework …. http://t.co/ksCZmRg

And don’t forget the Laws of Fashion, (or is that the Fashion of Law?) @VaultLaw asked: Are longer skirts, shorter heels and hairbrushes musts for professional appearance in legal industry? http://t.co/wVSiWwN

Then there is the threat of Killer Heels via @newsaboutwomen: ‘Stilettos more dangerous than sport’  http://t.co/sjJJcgl

And finally, Shoe Litigation! Via @soshoemi, Christian Louboutin sues Yves Saint Laurent over the use of the colour red on shoe soles – http://bit.ly/fGvpPq

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